One family’s heritage is at the heart of an innovative project that has been handed down through the generations. M’anis is an acronym that embodies the legacy of the company founders, Margherita and Narciso Sfoggia, who passed their passion on to their children and grandchildren. Before becoming a beer brand, M’anis is thus the genesis, knowledge and harvest of the fruit of the land.
Novaidea started with M’anis’ intrinsic values to create its brand identity. From the name to the graphic design of the packaging, from the land to the senses, a journey to the origins unfolds. Its visual symbolism is based on the essence of beer: grains, terroir and water. The vertical M’ANIS logo features sans serif lettering that becomes gradually lighter as it goes upwards, evoking the evanescence of bubbles produced by natural fermentation. With a black background and white letters, the essential is made visible. Shiny and matt embossing alternate, extending the sensory path to a tactile level.
Five senses to encompass five beers, each one numbered according to its alcohol content. In this way, a sensory path is traced: the sound of ears of barley rustling in the wind out in the fields leads to urban, contemporary lifestyles.