Villa Sandi

Design, Packaging

A crown jewel from Villa Sandi, a precious gem, one that has proudly earned the title of a ‘Grande Rosso’. The label’s new visual concept was inspired by past customs: traces of plaster, drafts on the walls of ancient Venetian houses become vivid pages of history to be experienced through the senses. A diagonal beam of light descends diagonally across the label, illuminating the drawing of a robust man’s body, revealing the inspiration for the name (meaning ‘body’ or ‘substance’ in Latin). The label becomes a visual narration of the precious qualities of a structured red wine that evokes deep, all-enveloping sensations. For the 2001 Còrpore project, Novaidea took part in a competition against other agencies and won, launching its invaluable ongoing collaboration with Villa Sandi.

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