Annamaria Clementi

Franciacorta: a timeless icon. The new look for the Annamaria Clementi Cuvée embodies the absolute value and excellence of Ca’ Del Bosco, thanks to a radical restyling of the Franciacorta Riserva that was named after the founder of the company (and mother of Maurizio Zanella).

Voyage 32

Voyage 32 is a briefcase of experiences, a suitcase covered in vintage-style stickers designed to carry the intrinsic values of the 32 Via dei Birrai brewery with you wherever you go. The packaging symbolically represents the company’s journey, the path that took 32 Via dei Birrai beer from the brewery to surprising distant destinations. From … Continued

Timeless Charme

Paris is the essence of natural, seductive elegance. The setting that inspired designer Julie de Libran is her home town, timeless charm that celebrates a love for fashion. Former creative director of Sonia Rykiel, with Prada, Louis Vuitton and Versace on her CV, de Libran launched her first collection, immediately winning the hearts of fashion … Continued

Wine, Art and Culture

Art defies time, which is precisely why work from the past is eternal. The splendid Palladian-style villa, built in 1622, has become an icon thanks to a detailed, hand-drawn design to reinstate the characteristics of the famous estate. To create an elegant image that could convey the prestige, lengthy history and traditions of the Moretti … Continued


UNICO: a vintage cardboard box that becomes a treasure chest of memories. To create this bottle carrier for 32, Novaidea chose lively colours and a rather ‘unique’ (unico in Italian) style to embody the irony and aesthetics that have always been above the line for an inimitable brand. An original design with a bold but … Continued

Tappaglia Navale

You sunk my battleship! Not just a simple gift box, but innovative packaging that becomes a classic board game. Tappaglia 32 was designed for dual functionality: though it seems like a simple beer carrying case, on the inside it conceals a timeless game: battleship, where cruisers, tankers and aircraft carriers make way for the colourful … Continued

Music Production

A combination of music and graphic design, the branding of Rising Park Studio was inspired by the minimalism, essential forms and clean lines of Scandinavia. In the Sile Springs natural park, Rising Park Studio was founded with the goal of accompanying artists along the long path that gives rise to music: from the base concept … Continued

Novum Organum

Going by the name of Stone leaf, Pietro Luca Congedo is a solo percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer of electronic music active in the international scene. As a brand, Stone Leaf is characterised by complex sounds that investigate the origin and matter of sound, and the complexity of human nature. His work focuses on research … Continued

Modern Bistrot

This modern bistrot embraces the legacy of an old tavern in the heart of Conegliano, Italy and harnesses the disruptive power of new forms and symbols. Novaidea oversaw the interior design of this business, which has courageously evolved and changed to reach modernity. The graphic design of the logo is in perfect harmony with the … Continued

Cuvée Prestige

Novaidea was tasked with updating the look of Cuvée Prestige, an iconic product from Ca’ del Bosco launched in 2007. Harmony was key to the subtle changes made to the label and coordinated packaging. The details of the label, capsule and neck label were designed to bring new light to both the Brut and Rosé … Continued

Ribolla Gialla

Ribolla Gialla: an ancient native grape variety of Friuli Venezia Giulia. An area dedicated to the production of refined and elegant wines where the soft contours of the hills embrace the vineyards surrounding Tenuta Borgo Conventi. Novaidea is responsible for labelling, packaging, and communication support material.


The Villa Sandi Cosmetics line arose from the ideals of beauty and harmony that inspired Augusta Pavan Polegato to create a range of products with exceptional moisturising and anti-oxidant properties, alongside the production of prestigious wine. These skincare products were inspired by the beneficial properties of grapes.

Italian Tradition

Dim light, narrow passages, and historic splendour describe the age-old cellars of Villa Sandi. This is where the Opere Trevigiane Spumante Classico Italiano sparkling wine is born, after years of ageing. For this project, Novaidea reinterpreted a precious aesthetic idea, a loving dialogue between art and elegance in search of a harmonious form that would … Continued


A crown jewel from Villa Sandi, a precious gem, one that has proudly earned the title of a ‘Grande Rosso’. The label’s new visual concept was inspired by past customs: traces of plaster, drafts on the walls of ancient Venetian houses become vivid pages of history to be experienced through the senses. A diagonal beam … Continued

Tempting and Vibrant Energy

Exclusively from the DOCG region of Asolo, Villa Sandi Nero Prosecco Superiore Extra Brut is the quintessential embodiment of the vibrant intensity of its terroir. For the brand, we developed an elegant interpretation of the energy of the soil’s natural components, the origin of freshness and minerality.

Beer Shop Bistrot

32 Via dei Birrai BEER SHOP BISTROT is an international project that reflects the unique concept and style that define the brand. Novaidea created the corporate identity and the interior design of 32’s sales points, bringing a bit of Italian style and excellence to the world.

Winemakers by Nature

Case Paolin tells an authentic story of love for wine that is rooted in the rural and artisan soul of the green lands of Montello. The concept that inspired the definition of the Brand Identity seeks to reflect the winemaker’s passion for craftsmanship and tenacious foresight.

Dosage Zero Noir

Novaidea has interpreted and enhanced the noble qualities of this prestigious wine by subtly redesigning the logo and decorations, carefully applied to a precious antique gold background. It’s an update that naturally finds its expression in all other Vintage Collection items. Novaidea created a teaser for the invitation to the product presentation event, sent in … Continued

A Deep-rooted Future

The universal language of the Mediterranean, olive oil embodies centuries of sky and echoes of summer. Novaidea developed the visual identity of Olioalbe, producing a set of labels and packages to enhance the essence of an ancient tradition. We began with the name, an acronym arising from the fusion of Alessandro and Berenice, seeing them … Continued

Italian Grill Passion

The visual identity of Galloway revolves around a eureka moment: a rooster (gallo in Italian) is doubly connected with the symbolism of the sun. As he crows at dawn, he declares the birth of a new day. Virile and proud, the rooster, the guardian of both day and night, stands above the letter ‘O’, a … Continued

History Reflections

An iconic label to portray historic references in entirely modern bubbly. Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut, a product representing the hills of the DOCG Asolo Prosecco area, is exquisitely expressed in the clean, essential lines of the label created by Novaidea. Villa Sandi Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG safeguards the memory of exceptional wine making traditions.

Per Ogni Passione

The project for the POP Retail Park embodies the desire to redefine the identity of an urban area, returning it to the surrounding community. Novaidea entirely updated the concept behind the retail park through a rebranding project. At its core was the desire to create, through direct, effective communications, a new image of what the … Continued

Balthazar Umberto I

Novaidea developed the concept behind the limited edition of an iconic Giusti Wine product: the Balthazar bottle of its inimitable Umberto I. The label conveys the worth of one of the finest red wines from Italy’s Veneto region and even the calling of the land, while the illustration represents the abbey-estate, the vineyard that produces … Continued

Sense Perceptions

A family farm that sows and cultivates grains, the Sfoggia Agriculture Division works land that perfectly embodies barley production. They turned to Novaidea to create the visual identity of M’anis, a new microbrewery that manages the entire supply chain for its craft beer.

Riserva Amalia Moretti

Paying tribute to the power of life, this courageous dedication represents beauty, history and femininity through the profile of a woman, a symbolic figure that references classicism and myth. An homage to the founder of Villa Sandi, it celebrates the importance of a woman who brought her courage, patience and commitment to the company. Gold, … Continued

Charm and Tradition

Set amid beautiful vineyards and surrounded by a captivating old wall, the Abbey of Saint Eustace (Abbazia di Sant’Eustachio) reopened its doors in 2018 after a long, meticulous restoration. The grace and allure of the complex amid the hills of Montello, a beautiful, traditional place that combines the past and future, is now back in … Continued

X Anniversary

In 2016, 32 Via dei Birrai celebrated its first decade in business with an exclusive event at Palazzo Flangini, a historic residence on the Grand Canal of Venice. The brand’s ten years of history defined by cutting-edge ideas, exceptional aesthetics, taste and success were presented by Novaidea, which saw to the event and location in … Continued

Smile Revolution

Passion for dentistry, handed down from generation to generation. Novaidea has created a new look for a family business with 40 years of experience in the field. Times change, but a dentist’s passion for the smiles of his patients does not. Thus, the ‘Smile Revolution’ concept was born.


For this project, Novaidea came up with an innovative special package to collect or give as a gift: ANIMALAUS. Once again, the everyday has been redefined and, propelled by the idea of reuse, 32 Via dei Birrai has met the world of our four-legged friends.

End of Broadcast

Novaidea came up with the branding for this new line of beer in magnum bottles produced by 32 Via dei Birrai. Fine delle Trasmissioni (End of Broadcast) is a line of beer in 150 cl bottles from 32 Via dei Birrai. The labelling and packaging express a desire to break the mould, offering a larger … Continued

Beer, Peace & Love

Beer, peace & love! Novaidea chose forms and symbolism that convey the vision of Daniela and Andrea, siblings and owners of Nidaba. Once their mother’s tavern, the space is now a gourmet brewery. The high-impact concept and its unique visual energy embody a secret world that echoes its mythical, fascinating past. Nidaba’s new visual identity … Continued

Thermal Acoustic Solutions

Isosystem, a leader in the thermal insulation industry, celebrated 20 years in business by entrusting Novidea with a renewal of its visual marketing materials. This rebranding reflected the history of Isosystem: continuous, ongoing research and a constant push towards innovation to offer new solutions for domestic comfort.

Brianza Soul

Mystic Burger is the story of the friendship and lengthy professional partnership between different personalities, enlivened by fertile creative energy and guided by a desire to achieve new goals. Perfectly in line with the Novaidea method, the end result came forth through eclectic, cross-cutting studies.

Live Elevated

MOKSA is a new concept store dedicated to sativa cannabis. Novaidea was responsible for the naming, branding, corporate identity and marketing. The name arose from ‘Moksa’, a Sanskrit word that means ‘liberation’ and ‘salvation’. It’s also an anagram of SMOKA, but most importantly it’s a word linked to reaching a superior spiritual state. This choice … Continued

Maiorum Gloria

In the Venetian Prealps, at an altitude of 1,000 metres, in a mountainous area steeped in ancient history, lie the orchards of Perini Conserverie Nazionali. United by a love for the flavours of their land, a family expresses its authenticity through delicious home-made products. Four generations. From seed to fruit, past to future, it’s a … Continued

Family Palette

Novaidea completely redesigned the visual identity of the Olivini brand, with the new ‘Famiglia Olivini’ label and the ‘Vignaiuoli dal 1970’ (Winemakers since 1970) motto accenting the brand’s history. The company’s new image was encapsulated in three colourful stripes. A kaleidoscopic linear explosion, paths bordered by golden reflections embodied the production of wine and oil … Continued

Marca Gioiosa et Amorosa

Two souls united by passion for traditional red and white wine, Villa Sandi and La Gioiosa embody the Moretti Polegato family’s dedication to viticulture. Though they belong to the same group, the two companies have different target markets: the former is sold mostly to restaurants, hotels and bars, while the latter is sold via mass … Continued

The Essence of Femininity

A passion for footwear lead Fabrizio Viti to design veritable gems of shoes for the world’s most famous fashion brands, such as Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton. The desire to branch out and create products with unmistakable style spurred him to create his own brand in 2016. Novaidea has infused elegance and charm into the … Continued

Redefine the Usual

32 Via dei Birrai embodies a new way of doing things in the infinite craft beer landscape. The label becomes design, worn by a bottle. It resets and redefines the everyday. For 32 Via dei Birrai, Novaidea developed a deeply stylised logo, composed of the number 32 (a number that, in the Nice Classification (NCL) … Continued

Liquid Gold

An attentive rebranding for the balsamic vinegar from Reggio Emilia’s DOP tradition. A graphic sign that recalls the seductive heritage of liquid gold. Novaidea creates labelling and packaging interpreting ancient traditions in a graceful graphic that traces the harmony of the gestures of the products’ use. The label is embellished by a texture consisting of … Continued

5 C

A renewed brand identity to stand out from the Prosecco Superiore DOCG crowd. The brand name immediately connects us to the wine producer’s value system: Il Colle fully embodies the identity of the land where prosecco is made. The concept behind the final product comes through in soft curves, an embrace that tells the tale … Continued

100% Grappa

Novaidea developed an innovative brand identity for CentoperCento, one that’s linked to the history and tradition of the ‘Grappa’ product. Numerical codes and reflected light highlight the distinctive character of the brand: 100% (pronounced ‘cento per cento’ in Italian). More than a name, it’s a number that stands out among spirit brands. Refined colourways for … Continued

Treviso Tiramisù

Trevissù is the jewel of all traditional pastries made by the Nascimben family. It’s also the name that artistically signs authentic Treviso tiramisu. Novaidea has embarked on a journey through the senses in order to explore these traditions and create a brand that is a messenger of genuine flavours and a stronghold against imitators. A … Continued

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